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Are you looking for a reliable plumber in Edmond? One that can get the job done right the first time every time? Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect has led the industry in residential plumbing for years. With so many years of experience in the plumbing industry, Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect provides all of the high-quality plumbing services you need to keep your home running properly.

Our plumbing expertise isn’t all that sets us apart, though! At Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect, we believe every customer deserves nothing but the best customer service. That’s why our team strives to provide, prompt, professional plumbing services at an affordable price — all from friendly and knowledgeable technicians. If you need plumbing installation, maintenance or repairs in Edmond, give us a call.

Things Flow Smoothly With Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect Plumbing Services

When your home plumbing needs attention, it can mean a huge inconvenience for you and your family. With pipes running all around your home and so many bathroom and kitchen water sources, it can get overwhelming pretty quickly if something goes wrong. That’s why you need the best plumbing services in Edmond. Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect is proud to rise above local plumbing companies to offer fantastic customer service and highly skilled technicians to get your home flowing smoothly again.

Water Heaters

Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect’s plumbing team offers comprehensive water heater services to the Edmond community. Is your water heater delivering lukewarm water to your faucets? Don’t suffer through it! Our team can identify the problem in no time and advise the most affordable and efficient solution for your home. We always make transparent recommendations, so you can trust us when your water heater needs to be replaced. Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or need to fix a water heater problem, our team is your go-to option!

Your Garbage Disposal Should Run Smoothly

With all the cooking you do for your family, there’s no telling what materials make their way down your drain. Contrary to popular belief, your garbage disposal is not a catch-all black hole! Whether it’s a clogged disposal or your garbage disposal needs repairs, you don’t have time to waste. Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect’s repair team is the best of the best. We can switch out broken blades, clear clogs and get your disposal running smoothly again. Trust the pros to give you back your kitchen sink!

A Team For The Toughest Clogs

You have enough to worry about in your daily life without the inconvenience and annoyance of a clogged drain. We’ve all struggled to get past pesky clogs, but there’s an easier solution to your problem: call on Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect! Our team has never met a clog they couldn’t tackle. With specialized tools and excellent problem-solving skills, our Edmond plumbers will make quick work of your drain clog. Don’t suffer through a tough drain blockage when we’re just a call away!

Leak Detection

Did you know that even the tiniest water leak can travel across your entire home before being spotted? This means the spread of water could be extensive and the repairs costly! Luckily, Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect has the best team of leak detection specialists in Edmond. We can locate the source of the leak and limit the damage to your home quickly. With long-lasting solutions and diligent work ethics, our team will make quick work of those pesky leaks. If your water bill is rising unexpectedly or your notice signs of water damage in your home, give us a call!

* We also handle slab leaks! If you suspect that your foundation has a leak in it, don’t waste time with a shady contractor — let Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect solve the problem with speed and accuracy. We know how to find the best solution for your home during this stressful time, and we’ll make sure that your satisfaction is our top priority.

Efficient Bathroom Plumbing Repairs

When your oasis starts to feel like a war zone of repairs, don’t panic! Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect has the best team of bathroom plumbing experts in Edmond. We handle every repair, big or small, in a timely manner to get your bathroom back in order as soon as we can. If your toilet is clogged or broken, let us take a look. When your faucet is leaking, we can stop that drip. You’re ready to install new fixtures? We can help you. Let us do what we do best and make your bathroom feel like a dream!

Your Kitchen Fixed Right. Every Time.

Your kitchen should be the hub of your home. If you’re dealing with leaks, broken appliances or new kitchen installations, it can easily become a source of stress instead. Let Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect take your worries away with our stellar Edmond kitchen plumbing services. Your dishwasher, refrigerator, garbage disposal, faucets and drains are all in the expert hands of our skilled team. Get ready to prepare food, entertain guests and spend time with your family in a smoothly operating kitchen.

And More!

There’s no plumbing problem too big for our team at Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect. We promise to commit our entire focus and skillset to get your plumbing working again. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll come back and make it right. That’s just how we do business!

The Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect Difference

Our team takes a comprehensive approach to your home. We know that your plumbing is essential to your health and comfort. That’s why we strive to provide stellar services to each of the plumbing areas in your home. We don’t leave you suffering in your home with water damage or a lack of dependable water sources. That’s not how we treat our customers.

Your plumbing system needs the expertise of plumbers who have served the Edmond area for years. Count on the dedication and commitment of our team. If you’re ready to receive the outstanding service you deserve, give our team a call today!

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